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〈Professor Uichin Lee〉 


Prof. Uichin Lee's research team at the Department of Knowledge Service Engineering, KAIST, has developed a real-time photo sharing system 'LetsPic' that allows real-time photo sharing and high-quality photo downloads. 


With the rise of smartphones, it has become common to take photos and share photos of various activities at anytime anywhere. However, taking photos and sharing photos may become a hassle during group activities. For example, it requires one to select and upload photos to SNS or group messengers of a group hiking event. The receiver also needs to manually select and download these photos. Also, the data required to download or upload tens and hundreds of high quality photos can be burden and costly. Especially for those real-time activities where discussions need to be made with real-time photos shared through data.


The research team developed a system known as 'LetsPic' to allow faster real-time sharing and free download of these photos. Letspic also allows the users to share photos within a group through a connected group camera mechanism. As soon as one takes a photo, the photo is shared in the group album which is available to everyone in the group. Also through google maps, the travel path of the user can be shared through the photo. 


One of the distinct advantages of Letspic is that it conducts a D2D(Device to Device) communication with wi-fi direct rather than cellular data or wifi. This allows users to share photos within 200 meters without the use of cellular data and allows users to share photos quick and free. 


The research team conducted an evaluation of the traditional camera and connected group camera through KAIST students. The group camera application demonstrated to allow users to check what other members of the group doing in real-life, also the free and fast sharing of the photo makes the activity more interesting. 


In future, the research team means to develop the service further to recognize group context through photos and provide similar images or add tags to the group photos in a more personalized service. 


Prof. Uichin Lee states "It is a next-gen connected group camera system that maximizes the wifi-direct technology in current smartphones" and also states "We wish to bring new user experience to off-line group activities". 


This research has been conducted with the support of the Korean government and conducted by KAIST, Lycosys, Korea University, Myongji University, Hankyong University and Gyeongsang national University.



□ System Description



Pic1. Start




Pic2. Sharing the photo through wifi-direct


pic3. Downloading a photo using wifi-direct




pic4. Sharing photos while taking them 




pic5. Showing the user's travel path on google map through photos




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