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Computational Modeling for Heterogeneous Information by Younghoon Kim(Hanyang University ERICA Campus)


Dear All

We would like to invite all of you a seminar by Prof. Younghoon Kim


Speaker: Younghoon Kim(Assistant Professor, Hanyang University ERICA Campus, https://sites.google.com/site/nongaussian/)


Date & Time: 6th September(Tue), 2016 10:30~11:30 AM


Place:  E2-1, 1112 Seminar Room


Title : Computational Modeling for Heterogeneous Information


Abstract : A computational model in computational science is a mathematical model that uses mathematics, physics and computer science to study the behavior of a complex system. It usually requires to judiciously design and introduce numerous variables which can describe the real world system being studied. In this talk, I introduce some computational models used in various applications focusing on the steps of discovering a real problem, designing a computational model and deriving an efficient algorithm. The list of topics includes 1) cost modeling in databases for query optimization, 2) probabilistic modeling of analyzing heterogeneous information available in social media, and 3) computational modeling with convex problems for graphs.


Short Bio : Currently, he is an assistant professor at Hanyang University ERICA, Korea. He received a Ph.D from Seoul National University in 2013 under the supervision of Professor Kyuseok Shim, and a B.S. degree in Computer Science & Engineering from Seoul National University in 2006. He has been working in the areas of substring query processing in databases, big data processing using MapReduce and text mining in social network services.






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