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Graduate in Aug 2018
Graduate in Feb 2018
Sungwook Moon

Automatic Classification of Memorable Photos Using Sensors

Sohyun Kim

Study on Detecting Guest Revisit Patterns in Indoor Tracking Data

Jayong Kim

Explicit Lyrics Classification: Automated Explicit Lexicon Generation And Hybrid Model

Junwoo Kim

Improving a recommendation system by incorporating user logs in an Autoencoder model

Gwangseon Jang

Mobile Image Retrieval by Distributed Fine-tuning of Convolutional Nueral Network

Gyuwon Jung

Mobile Situated Massive Open Online Intervention (MS-MOOI): A Case Study of Parenting Smartphone Usage

Hayoung Jung

Design and User Experience of Commitment Devices for Regulating Smartphone Usage

Balili, Christine

Tracking and Predicting the Evolution of Research Topics in Scientific Literature

Graduate in Aug 2017
Daehoon Kim

Topical Influence Modeling via Topic-Level Interests and Interactions on Social Curation Services

Sujin Kwon

Campus Roadwatch: Towards Distributed Community Policing with Mobile Crwdsourcing

Soojeong Yu

Study on the Regularity of Mobility Patterns of Public Transportation Users Using Korean Smart Card Data

Hyunwoo Je

RelativeSVD: Incorporating Relative Comparison into Rating Prediction

Graduate in Feb 2017
Dongho Ka

Application of Functional Resonance Analysis Method for Analyzing Combined System Accidents

Seongjung Kim

Applying Machine Learning to Predicting Actual Transaction-based Land Price

Seunghyeon Kim

A Study on Educational Game Design via Extrinsic Integration of Game and Education

Juyoun Kim

The Effect of Providing Borderline Cases in Image Classification Tasks

Susik Yoon

Load Balancing for Distributed Processing of Spatial Data Stream

Hayeon Jeong

Understanding Smartwatch Wearing Behaviors: A Case Study of Apple Watch

Hyeongju Choi

Distributed Processing of RETE Networks by Graph Partitioning for Complex Event Processing

Graduate in Aug 2016
Zhao Dapeng

Capturing the Complexity of Appropriate Use of Smartphone: An Approach from Goal Congruency Perspective

Hyunkook Kang

Efficient Fall Detection Based on Event Pattern Matching in Image Streams

Sojin Kim

Study on the Characteristics of Store Customers Using Wi-Fi Log Data

Joohyun Kim

Cross-cultural Analysis on Motives and Concerns of Dashcam Video Sharing

Hyunsuk Yang

Study on Improving Interruptibility Prediction Accuracy for New Users

Eunkyung Lee

Improving User Similarity Estimation by Incorporating Distinct Opinions in Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems

Younghyun Hong

Exergaming-induced Pleasure and Dominance: Path Modeling of Post-play Learning Activity

Kumar Abhishek

Bayesian Ensembled Mean-Median Reversion based Strategy for On-line Portfolio Selection

Leksikov Sergey

Map Inference Based on the Crowd Aggregated Mountain GPS Traces


Utilization of DBpedia Mappings in Cross Language Wikipedia Infobox Completion

Graduate in Feb 2016
Youngho Chung

A Study on user performance in document classification and recall using folders and tags

Byoungkuk Yoo

Identifying Safety-Ⅱ Requirements for Situation Awareness through Maritime Accidents Analysis

Sungwon Moon

Developing and Utilizing Automatic Paraphrase Evaluation Method Specialized in Korean Language

Donggyun Ko

Designing System Interface to Support Clinical Diagnosis Tasks

Aejin Song

Analysis of Contextual Factors Related to Physical Activities with Active Workstations : A Case Study of Desk Elliptical Trainers

Jiyeon Choi

An Integrated Approach of Query Expansion for Retreiving Documents in Medical Domain

Hyunyoung Kim

Investment Timing Recommendation and News Text Analysis Based on Machine Learning Techniques in Support of Value Investment

Hwanjun Song

2LP-PAM: A Fast and Robust Parallel k-Medoids Algorithm

Salgado Francisco Javier

Cross-Domain Recommendation Trough Implicit Extraction of Psychological Factors

Graduate in Aug 2015
Sungjun Kang

LetsPic : Design and Evaluation of Collaborative Photographing Services

Daehee Shin

Mountain Trail Surface Information Crowdsensing System Using Smartphones

Myungsu Chae

Portfolio Selection for Value Investing and Continuation Analysis of Optimal Investment Strategy

Suhyun Chae

Cannibalism in Medical Topic Network

Woneui Hong

Helpfulness in Unhelpfulness: A study of Flip Slid of the Coin on Review Helpfulness

Natchanun Sukanthasaevee

Knowledge Structure Matching-based Algorithm for Personalized Academic Paper Recommendation

Subin Yang

Investigation of Service Design Factors of Parental Intervention on Teen’s Use of Smartphone: From the Perspective of Mediation Rules

Graduate in Feb 2015
Jieun Park

Art education using information and communication technology (ICT) : impact on student hesitation, engagement, and motivation

Eunji Kim

A method of determining stock buy points for value investing based on time series data analysis

Sinhee Cho

User experience in online reviews: a study on the impact of externalization on review helpfulness

Wonchul Jung

Proposing and validating vector space extraction methods based on external knowledge and slide features to identify each cluster

Junghoon Kim

Deterministic label propagation algorithm for community detection

Jeonghwan Lee

The analysis of user group's influence according to personal information and political disposition

Woohyeok Choi

Designing interactive multi-swimmer exergames: a case study

Seungwoo Choi

Finding informative comments for video viewing

Graduate in Aug 2014
Joonwon Lee

Design and evaluation of online collaborative parental mediation methods on smartphone use

Graduate in Feb 2014
Donghwan Bae

Apptrends: personalized mobile application recommendation system using usage history

Uihyun Kim

Text categorization of nuclear system documents using semi-automatic approach

Jimin Han

Smartphone users’ tendency in the evaluation of application credibility

Sansung Kim

Proposing and validating a semantic movie retrieval model based on knowledge structure

Hyunji Kim

Identifying the underlying factors of smartphone user experience and validating its effects

Auk Kim

Photo sharing of the subject, by the owner, for the viewer -examine the subject’s preference

Sangkeun Park

Location-based social Q&A: a study of naver KiN “Here”

Saemi Jang

A study on measurement of similarity for interlinking chinese, japanese and korean resources

Graduate in Aug 2013
Sunhee Lee

Burst analysis of text document for concept map creation

Seunghyeon Moon

Implementation of a community detection algorithm using edge-betweenness on MapReduce

Satria Hutomo Jihan

Humanitarian assistance ontology for emergency disaster response

Kyungjin Kim

Automated methods of cognitive domain knowledge structure creation from multiple documents

Eugene Jo

Comparison and evaluation of approaches for automatic extraction of knowledge structure from learning materials

Graduate in Feb 2013
Jinyoung Kwon

A study on the determinants of online review helpfulness and moderation effect of digital sampling experience

Hyungil Suh

Effects of tag attributes on document retrieval success: an exploratory study

Youngchang Ko

Comparative analysis of university-wide research collaboration platforms

Juyup Sung

On prediction of the answer affordance with the vocabulary power in CQA systems

Woochul Sung

Understanding the switching behaviors of smartphone users: a model comparison approach

Keejun Han

Understanding the difficulty factors for learning materials: a qualitative study

Jungeun Kim

Community discovery for academic papers using both citation and attribute information

Minsoo Choy

A social search model and algorithms based on the location aspect model for mobile-commerce services

Graduate in Aug 2012
Joonyoung Park

Logging and managing places with PlaceWalker

Eunhee Yi

Everyday life information seeking with mobile Q&A

Sukhwan Jung

Community prediction in citation networks

Graduate in Jan 2012
Hyanghong Kang

Understanding mobile Q&A service usage: an exploratory study and new interpretation

Junkoo Choi

Effects of user experience on mobile service continuance: a motivational theory perspective

Hyungwoo Kim

Proposing and validating an automated method of cognitive knowledge structure creation

Jincheul Jang

Effects of alternative coding methods on computer skill acquisition: text coding vs. image coding vs. procedural coding

Graduate in Aug 2011
Sangjin Park

Content-based recommender of academic papers using citation analysis

Suyoun Lee

Improving retrieval effectiveness: Query expansion and document feature extraction using Wikipedia

Dongyun Lee

Design of an e-learning system based on SECI model

Graduate in Jan 2011
Sungwoo Cho

A study on comparative advantages of concept map construction and self-explanation

Boyoung Kim

Improving research paper recommendation system using conceptual clustering algorithm

Jaehwa Lee

Creating knowledge maps for learning using text mining

Seokjin Chang

Analyzing e-learner’s task and designing a support system for iterative knowledge reuse

Seulki Lee

Tag based user profile in collaborative tagging system

Minsam Ko

NewsPole : exposing political orientations of news stories by utilizing commenters’ sentiment patterns