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Open Presentation of KSE Ph.D Students

Dear all KSE members,


Please attend an open presentation of KSE Ph.D students.



■ Date & Time : 10:0017:10 p.m., 1 Dec., 2017(Fri.)

■ Place:  #1122, E2-1





 Soon Gill Hong


 Plausibility Assessment of Triples with Distant Supervision

 Sungho Shin


 Training Data Expansion by Augmenting Sentence Features



 A framework for the targeted selection of herbs with similar efficacy by exploiting drug repositioning technique and curated biomedical knowledge



 Determining and Validating Smart TV UX Factors: A Multiple-Study Approach

 Raphael Jung


 Predicting Changes in Research Topics Based on Co-citation Patterns

 Minsoo Choy


 Effective Interruptibility Prediction Method by Considering Daily Behavioral Features



 Implementing and Evaluating Clinical Decision Support Search Framework Based on Clinical Laboratory Test Results

 Auk Kim


 Interrupting Drivers for Conversation: Predicting Opportune Moments for In-vehicle Conversational Services

 Jaejeung Kim


 Behavior Enforcing Interaction Technology for Regulating Digital Device Use

 Minseo Kang


 A Comparative Analysis of Iterative MapReduce Systems

 Seungki Hong


 Sentence Modeling with Auxiliary Sampler Network

 Jin-woo Lee


 Maximizing Job Completion Speed and Success Rate in Mobile Cloud Computing by Optimizing Task Placement Strategy

 Break Time



 Daehee Park


 Human Factor Issues of the current ADAS, and the cognitive engineering approach

 Sundong Kim


 Predicting Customers’ Revisit Intention for Offline Stores by Indoor Mobility

 Seungwoo Choi


 High Weight Edge Recommendation in Network Representation



 Exploring User Experiences of Active Workstations: A Case Study of Under Desk Elliptical Trainers

 Gyuhwan Hwang


 Devloping the requirements of COP for supporting distributed situation awareness in a test range

Jinseop Shin 


 Extracting Domain Knowledge Sturcture with Word Embedding







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