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How to Protect Innovations in IT Convergence Design Products by Tae-Woong Koo, Ph.D., Morgan Lewis

Dear All

We would like to invite all of you a seminar by Tae-Woong Koo, Ph.D., Morgan Lewis

Title: How to Protect Innovations in IT Convergence Design Products


Time/Place: Oct. 6, Friday, 2PM @ E2-1, 1222


Speaker: Tae-Woong Koo, Ph.D., Morgan Lewis



Intellectual property rights provide important tools in protecting innovations.  IT convergence designs present unique challenges, as IP laws applicable to different areas of technology have to be satisfied simultaneously.  This seminar will cover the fundamentals of intellectual property rights and case studies of protecting innovations arising from IT convergence.



A regulatory affairs professional and the holder of more than 30 patents, Tae-Woong Koo brings a

background in science, technology, and regulatory affairs to his intellectual property practice. He

is part of a team that counsels clients on patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protection

issues. The group also advises companies on IP matters arising from franchising, advertising, the

Internet and e-commerce, outsourcing, and managed services.


With an undergraduate degree in engineering, as well as an S.M. and Ph.D. from Massachusetts

Institute of Technology, Tae-Woong worked as a senior research scientist, product line manager,

and regulatory affairs manager at Intel Corp. before becoming an attorney. There he published

more than a dozen articles in the fields of optics, nanotechnology, material science, analytical

chemistry, clinical chemistry, and biotechnology. He obtained marketing clearance from medical

device authorities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and EU countries. He also advised the

company on product registration, regulatory compliance, adverse event monitoring and vigilance

reporting, and import and export of medical devices.





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