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KSE Special Seminar by Overseas Eminent Scientists: Dr. Jiajun Liu from the CSIRO

Invited Speaker: Dr. Jiajun Liu
Date&Time: 13p.m.-14p.m., April 21. 2015 (Tue)
Place: E2-1, #1222 Seminar Room
Abstract: Australia is facing multiple challenges in healthcare and biosecurity. In recent years, CSIRO as the national science 
agency has been advancing related research with novel approaches in distributed sensing and data analysis. In its recent projects, 
CSIRO initiated large-scale monitoring and analysis of both bats and human for differing yet relating motivations. This talk will 
tell a brief story of CSIRO's journey of monitoring and studying fruit bats as well as human using various sensing technologies. 

Bio: Dr. Jiajun Liu’s research interest extends from data management and data mining for spatio-temporal/multimedia data to 
distributed sensing and computing. He is currently a Research Fellow with The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research 
Organisation (CSIRO) Australia and has published extensively in top conferences such as SIGMOD/ICDE/ACM MM, and in high impact 
journals such as CSUR, TKDE, TMM, and TOIS. At CSIRO, he has been working closely with Dr. Raja Jurdak and Dr. Brano Kusy in a 
series of dynamic projects, such as modeling human mobility from large-scale twitter data, or tracking/analyzing the mobility of 
flying-foxes, or monitoring individually-living elderlies with stream data from non-invasive wireless sensors. He also serves as a 
PC member for ACM MM 15’, and as a reviewer for TKDE, TMM, Neurocomputing and Multimedia Systems. He received his PhD and BEng 
from The University of Queensland, Australia and from Nanjing University, China in 2012 and 2006 respectively. From July 2006 to 
December 2008 he also worked as a Researcher/Software Engineer for IBM China Research/Development Labs. 




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