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Gamification of Technology-Mediated Training

We would like to invite all of you to a seminar delivered by Prof. De Liu at University of Kentucky.
The topic of the seminar is “Gamification of Technology-Mediated Training”
People interested in this field are welcomed. Please attend and share your precious opinions.

  • Date & Time : 2013. 7. 2.(Tue), 10:30 a.m.
  • Venue : E2-1 #1222 Seminar Room
  • Speaker : Prof. De Liu (University of Kentucky)
  • Topic : “Gamification of Technology-Mediated Training”
  • Contact Number : Department Office of KSE (☎042-350-1603)
  • Abstract
    • Because digital games are popular and perceived as fun, researchers call for incorporating game elements in organizational activities as a way of engaging and motivating employees, a process referred to as gamification. We propose that gamification of technology-mediated training programs has the potential to deliver the technology skills in a more engaging format. We put forward a games-with-learning design paradigm and, using an adapted version of the popular television game, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” in this study, we gamified a technology-mediated training program aimed at developing database skills. Between training modules, participants played the game as a competition against a fellow trainee by responding to questions related to the training content. Applying social cognitive theory, we tested the effects of gamification. We find that trainees who were paired against competitors and won their games, exhibited higher self-efficacy beliefs and learning outcomes, but trainees who competed against competitors to tie their game competition, reported higher levels of engagement in the training program. Our findings suggest that the gamification of technology-mediated training programs is useful and shows much promise, but training designs have to be very carefully planned. We discuss these and related issues, and chart potential research opportunities to make use of gamification in information technology training.




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