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Human aspects in technology changes

We would like to invite all of you to a Seminar by Dr.Jaesook Cheong.

  • Date & Time : 14:30 p.m., 2014. 4. 18 (Fri)
  • Venue : E2-1, 1222 Seminar room
  • Invited Speaker : Dr.Jaesook Cheong, ETRI
  • Title : Human aspects in technology changes
  • Inquiry : Department Office of KSE (☎042-350-1603)
  • Abstract
    • Technology has changed human life style drastically. At the same time, we can find human traces everywhere in the development of technology and technology-based services. Technology-based services include traditional IT technology such as computer languages, developing tools for programming, AI, application programs for various purposes etc., as well as new trends of IT technology such as analysis technologies on data from social network services and big data technologies. In this talk, we attempt to characterize human aspects reflected in the flow of technology changes.
  • Bio
    • Jaesook Cheong joined ETRI in 2006 and has worked as a senior research scientist in the following projects: “Developments of Visual Communication Platform and Authoring Tool for Emotional Expression”(2013~), “Research of Core Technologies for SW Platform with Mobile Social Network Service”(2010-2012), “Research on Future Software & Content Technology”(2010-2012), and “Development of high-speed photo-realistic rendering system”(2006-2008). In 2006 she received her PhD from the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University with combining two areas of automation and computational geometry.

Yeon Hee Han Dept. of Knowledge Service Engineering, KAIST (Tel : +82-42-350-1603 / Fax : +82-42-350-1610 / E-mail : hanyh@kaist.ac.kr)





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