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Psychological model of Internet Addiction

We would like to invite all of you to a seminar delivered by Prof. Jung-Hye Kwon. The topic of the seminar is “Psychological model of Internet Addiction.”


This talk presents various internet addiction issues such as the concept of behavioral addiction and internet addiction, some of the key questions of internet addiction, and the prevalence and internet addiction typology. Also, conceptual models of IA will be presented with suggestions about intervention and prevention strategies.


Those interested, please attend and share your precious opinions.

  • Date & Time: 2p.m., 2013-1-8 (Tue.)
  • Venue : KSE Seminar Room #1222, E2-1
  • Speaker : Prof. Jung-Hye Kwon
  • Topic : “Psychological model of Internet Addiction.”
  • Contact Number : Dept. of Knowledge Service Engineering (☎042-350-1603)

For further information, please check the attached file.

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