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2017, Spring Admission Information Session for Graduate School of Knowledge Service Engineering

# Early bird registration for Admission Information Session: http://goo.gl/forms/Q2Ot2eJgylNzpBGJ3


We live in an era where AI triumphs men in Go(Badook). The efforts to effectively utilize the flooding data from the development of IoT technologies have been continuing in big data and machin learning technologies. The personalized advertisement envisioned from the decade old movie Minority Report, trend prediction from SNS and government policies from credit card use data have all become reality, but is that enough ?



Smartphone usage data may even be used to prevent smartphone addiction(http://bit.ly/22qg8gQ), cognitive error analysis may prevent any accidents that may happen(http://bit.ly/1Z8ZBIY), finding who can answer my question(http://bit.ly/1RqG0hm),  filtering highly advertised online reviews(http://bit.ly/1pQkc8M), and even making a computer beat people in jeopardy(http://bit.ly/1Uazsu1). All of these researches and many more are being conducted or have been completed at the Graduate school of Knowledge Service Engineering of KAIST. 


From traditional manufacturing or traffic systems to finance, education, government and social systems, almost all areas of the industry depend and benefit to make an informed decision from precise knowledge. The Graduate School of Knowledge Service Engineering aim to solve real-life problems and address complex social information through research in many areas including Knowledge System, HCI and Data Science. We aim to develop strong candidates with knowledge not only in Computer Science but one with awareness in economics, management, art and all other real-life domains.


We hope that you can get as much information as possible and a vision for future research at this semester's admission information session for the Graduate School of Knowledge Service Engineering at KAIST. We wait for your interest and participation !


# Admission Info Session Early-bird Registration : http://goo.gl/forms/Q2Ot2eJgylNzpBGJ3

- 1st half : Knowledge Service Topics / 2nd half : Information Session and Q&A

- A small meal will be provided

# Schedule

- June 8th(Wednesday) 12:00 pm / Daejeon, KAIST Main Campus, Creative Learning Center(창의관) room 101 (Address: http://bit.ly/1LuKqYc)

- June 8th(Wednesday) 7 : 00 pm / Seoul, Toz Shinchon Business Center (Address: http://bit.ly/P8Po0N)

# Previous Information Session Videos

- Prof. Wan Chul Yoon (2011) : http://bit.ly/Ylh2ca

- Prof. Uichin Lee(2015) : http://bit.ly/1Uazd29

# Other resources

- School website: http://kse.kaist.ac.kr

- Facebook : http://on.fb.me/YYJ1Ku (Like it!)

- Twitter : http://bit.ly/ZtaC6m (Follow it!)

- 2016 Spring Semester Information Session Material : http://bit.ly/1R9wfs3

# Other contacts

# Contacts
- Yoochan Kim (PhD student / Adv.Prof. Wanchul Yoon , yoochana@kaist.ac.kr)
- Juneyoung Park(PhD student / Adv.Prof. Mun Y. Yi, j.park89@kaist.ac.kr)
- Sangkeun Park(PhD student / Adv.Prof. Uichin Lee, sk.park@kaist.ac.kr)
- Daehoon Kim(PhD student / Adv.Prof. Jaegil Lee, daehoonkim@kaist.ac.kr)
- Seungwoo Choi(PhD student / Adv.Prof. Aviv Segev, sw.choi@kaist.ac.kr)
- Juyoun Kim( Masters student, 3rd semester, juyounkim@kaist.ac.kr)
- Susik Yoon(Masters student, 3rd semester, susikyoon@kaist.ac.kr)
- Sujin Kwon(Masters student, 2nd semester, sujingjing@kaist.ac.kr)
- Yumi Oh (Masters student, 1st semester, yumi2011@kaist.ac.kr)




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