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Open Knowledge Base and Question-Answering Hackathon 2015

 “Open Knowledge Base and Question-Answering (OKBQA) Hackathon 


l  Date : Aug 24th(Mon) 2015 ~ 28th(Fri)

l  Location : HOTEL BÂREVE, Seogwipo, Jeju, Korea http://2015.okbqa.org/organization/venue


l   Purpose

Hackathon is a word combination of Hacking and Marathon, unlike the traditional conference where research papers are presented, developers cooperate and communicate for realistic know-hows for developing computer programs.

This is the natural step to adapt to the need of implementation as much as theory in terms of computer systems in the modern society. Hackathon has become an important event for building a real value to developers all over the world.

The OKBQA Hackathon will deal with Knowledge Base and Question-Answering systems and hope to build a world-wide cooperation between experts.

Especially, we are hoping to provide a special track for bio-medical area for knowledge bases and QA systems for infectious diseases and others.

We hope to introduce new trends and advanced techniques through the first days symposium and real development projects for the next 4 days in working groups.


l  Invited Speakers

André Freitas (Universität Passau) : Robust Semantic QA

Jin-Dong Kim (Database Center for Life Science) : LODQA

Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo (Universität Leipzig) : QALD

Christina Unger (Universität Bielefeld) : Template-based QA

Kousaku Okubo (National Institute of Genetics) : Data Utilization


l  Registration Fees

- On-sight registration(credit cards also)

* 1 Day Symposium : Student \100,000 / Standard \150,000

* 4 Days Hackathon + Symposium : \800,000


- Details of the Registration Fees:

* Symposium / Hackathon admission

* HOTEL BAREVE accommodation

4 days( Aug 24th, check-in / 28th check-out), 2 people room

– 행사 기간 외 추가 숙박 및 1 1실 신청 가능 (추가 비용 개인 부담)

* Reception on Aug 2th, Banquet on 26th

* Breakfast, lunch and snacks are provided all throughout the event


l  Participation Requirement : Please refer to the prerequisites on the webpage for a more efficient communication and contribution at the event.


l  Participation Registration

Email to Hyejin Jeong (hjjeong@world.kaist.ac.kr)

Name, association, email, homepage, symposium, hackathon participation yes/no


* 1st Deadline : July 31st(Friday), 6pm

* 2nd Deadline : August 10th(Monday), 6pm

* No registration after August 12th(Wed), 6pm

* Registration Confirmation will be sent out on august 13th, please book your flights accordingly 



Other detailed information can be found at http://2015.okbqa.org, the OKBQA Hackathon official webpage








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