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Knowledge is power. As industries are increasingly information intensive, the ability to produce and utilize knowledge from this vast amount of information constitutes a core basis for competitive advantage. The current era represents a new, exciting opportunity in human history as we are equipped with powerful computing capability, new understanding of human cognition and behaviour, and unprecedented availability of data in digitised forms. We aim at developing a new breed of students who can meaningfully interconnect them and generate new, original solutions for the betterment of our society. More specifically, the mission of the Graduate School of Knowledge Service Engineering (KSE), the first such program in Korea, is to produce world leaders in the areas where IT is intelligently and possibly creatively used for service generation and management. In addition to this lofty goal of education, we also wish to challenge the current thinking on IT service and service engineering by bringing in and applying new perspectives obtained from the foremost understanding of human, technology, industry, and society. The establishment of our graduate school has already attracted much attention from scholars and enterprises both in and out of the country, with tangible results. 

As of 2016, the Graduate School of Knowledge Service Engineering has joined the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering as a specialized graduate program to realize its strong vision for the IT ecology of 21st century and its resolution to take initiative in innovating knowledge service industries. We will continue to push the envelope and contribute to the advancement of human life by striving for world-class excellence on the research and education of knowledge service engineering.