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Usable Security by Prof. Hyoungshick Kim(Sungkyunkwan University)

Dear All

We would like to invite all of you a seminar by Prof. Hyoungshick Kim.


Speaker: Hyoungshick Kim(Assistant professor, Sungkyunkwan University)


Date & Time: July 20, 2016 2:00PM


Place: E2-1, 1222 Seminar Room


Title: Usable Security



Usability and security are often seen as competing design goals. In practice, however, security mechanisms have to be usable to be effective. Wrong assumptions about users can lead systems that are useless and vulnerable. We can see that many security

solutions fail because of their poor usability. For example, many casual users don't use anti-virus scanners because they believe

security solutions will degrade the performance of their systems.

In this talk, I will explain basic principles to help audiences develop more secure and usable solutions through many real-world examples and introduce a recent project about Android pattern.



Hyoungshick Kim is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Information and Communication Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University. He received a BS degree from the department of Information Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University, a MS degree from the Department of Computer Science at KAIST and a Ph.D. degree from the Computer Laboratory at University of Cambridge in 1999, 2001 and 2012, respectively. After completing his

PhD, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British

Columbia. He previously worked for Samsung Electronics as a senior engineer from 2004 to 2008. He also served as a member of DLNA and Coral standardization for DRM interoperability in home networks. His current research interest is focused on software security and usable security.




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