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Maker Movement and industry, the change. Hardcopyworld Seo Young Bae

Speaker Seo, Young Bae


Date & Time : 14:30 p.m.~ , March 18. 2016(Fri)


Place : E2-1, #1222 Seminar Room


Title : Maker movement and industry, and change


Seminar Content: The spread and the availability of opensource, open hardware and 3D printers started much opportunities for TECH DIY. Until recently, the Maker movement has been considered widely as a personal hobby, but the potential of the movement has reached to the point of a new industry. This seminar will introduce and discuss the changes and the possibilities of this new industry known as the Maker Movement. 


Speaker Profile:

  Education : Hanyang University Undergraduate/Graduate school

  Experience : Pantech, Samsung Electronics - Mobile SW dev

  Lecture : Introduction to Physical computing with opensource hardware / Wearable, IoT DIY / Basics of Communications Module 

  Publications :  Arduino communication project(Digital books), Maker Pro(Hanbit Media)

  Projects :

           2014, 2015 Maker Fair Seoul / 2014 Creator Planet, Wearable X Festival 2015 Maker Fair Shenzhen

           2015 Nabi Art Center – H.E.ART BOT Exhibition, Makeable City exhibition, Member of Seeed Studio alpha user group / Seoul Innovation Center Maker face consultant




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