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Spatial Data Mining in the Era of Big Data by Prof. Jin Soung Yoo

Speaker : Prof. Jin Soung Yoo (Visiting Professor KSE) 


Date & Time : 14:30 p.m.~ 15:30 p.m., October 2. 2015(Fri)


Place : E2-1, #1222 Seminar Room


Title Spatial Data Mining in the Era of Big Data


AbstractSo-called “Big data” is a fact of today’s world and brings not only large amounts of data but also various data types that previously would not have been considered together. Richer data with geolocation is collected from numerous sources including mobile phones, personal digital assistants, social media, vehicles with navigation, GPS tracking systems, wireless sensors, outbreaks of disease, disaster and crime. Spatial data mining is the process of discovering interesting and previously unknown, but potentially useful patterns from large spatial data and spatiotemporal data. Spatial association mining is a useful tool for discovering correlations and interesting relationships among spatial events and/or features. The computation of spatial association analysis is inherently too demanding of both processing time and memory requirements. Furthermore, explosive growth in the spatial data emphasizes the need for developing new and computationally efficient methods tailored for analyzing “Big” data. This talk shows how the power of parallel/distributed processing in the cloud environment is leveraged to achieve higher spatial data mining processing efficiency.


Bio: Jin Soung Yoo is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, IN.  Her research interest includes data mining, spatial computing and database systems. Her recent works concern analytic methods and management techniques for Big Data.  For contributions to spatial data computing and analysis, she was selected an U.S. Air Force Faculty Fellow in 2014, and received highly competitive research awards from U.S. Air Force, the Purdue Research Foundation and the Griffiss Institute/ SUNY Research Foundation.  She was also a highly selected participant in the prestigious Leadership of Science Policy Institute (LiSPI 2015) for U.S. computing and science policy and government works. She is serving as a publicity co-chair for the Intl. Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Database (SSTD) and the Intl. Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA). She is also serving as a program committee for many international conferences including the IEEE Intl. Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) and the ACM SIGSPATIAL Int’l Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACM-GIS). She is a member of the IEEE Computer Society and a member of the ACM. Jin Soung Yoo received a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities, MN) in 2007. Before the study, she worked as a software engineer at Samsung SDS Inc., Korea for seven years.




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