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Human Factors Approaches to Health Service Design by Dr Thomas Jun

Title: Human Factors Approaches to Health Service Design – Creating Integrated pathways for Safer Medicines Management

Speaker: Dr Thomas Jun, Lecturer

Human Factors and Complex System Research Group

Loughborough Design School

Loughborough University

Place:1222, E2-2 
Date & Time: 1:30p.m. - 2:30p.m., Sep. 21. 2015 (Mon)

"Human Factors Approaches to Health Service Design – Creating Integrated pathways for Safer Medicines Management"



A design-driven systems approach is a fundamental characteristic of the human factors and ergonomics discipline. This discipline has adopted and developed many methods and tools in order to support a whole system understanding and a participatory approach. However, the appropriate selection and application of methods and tools is not straightforward. It requires careful consideration and balance between various factors such as problem type, design stage, level of stakeholder engagement and availability of resources (time, money, data and expertise). It is particularly challenging to select and apply appropriate methods and tools for health service design, since there is very limited time for staff to participate in design activities and their skill and knowledge on design vary and are usually very limited.

This seminar will discuss this method selection and application challenges through a recent health service design project commissioned by Islington Clinical Commissioning Group, London. This project aimed to create integrated care pathways for safer medicines management amongst older people without compromising on cost and efficiency. A team of three method experts in the areas of systems thinking (big picture understanding), design thinking (user-focused), risk thinking (proactive risk assessment) and lean thinking (flow and waste-focused) designed and facilitated three 3-hr stakeholder workshops. Some observations and reflections from the method experts and responses from the workshop participants will be presented.




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