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Understanding BigData from pervasive sensors for Smart city

Department of Knowledge Service Engineering holds the semiar on 30 November, inviting Dr. Ji Won Yoon at IBM.
Those who are interested, please come and join the seminar. (The language of this seminar is English.)

  • Date: 2011. Nov. 30 (Wed.) 1:00 PM
  • Place : E2-1, 1222 seminar room
  • Speaker: Ji Won Yoon, Ph.D
  • Abstract
    • Efficient city management including transportation and energy control has become more important issues to both individual citizens and governments in the social and economic views. For example, transportation accounts for about 20 percent of the world’s energy consumption.
      IBM has recently started to do research on understanding how we can make optimized and efficient cities and improve city management by using our IT technology. One of the technical issues in the research is to process and analyze large scale data (so called BigData), which are mainly obtained from a lot of pervasive sensors over cities, in order to extract meaningful and useful (mostly semantic spatio-temporal) information.
      In addition, I am going to briefly introduce our new research lab in Europe, “IBM Research and Development – Ireland”(so called IBM Dublin Research Lab) and then a few current researches about transportation and energy control will be presented.




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