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From smart Devices to smart Factories

독일 Smart Factory 기술분야 창시자인 Detlef Zühlke 교수를 모시고, 세미나를 다음과 같이 실시함을 안내하오니 관심 있는 학생의 많은 참석을 바랍니다. 쥴케교수는 독일교수로서 키노트 강연 등을 다수 하고 있는 스마트팩토리 프로젝트의 책임자입니다. 정보 통신 기술로 공장을 지능화시킨다는 내용입니다.


  • 일 시 : 12. 3. 23(금), 2:00 pm
  • 장 소 : 산업경영학동(E2-2) 1F, 1강의실(1120호)
  • 연 사 : Prof. Dr.-Ing. Detlef Zühlke
  • 세미나 주제 : “From smart Devices to smart Factories” – the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution-
  • 초록
    • Our daily life depends more and more on the advantages of information and communication technologies. Information and communication is available anywhere,anytime with any content for any user using any device and any access. No doubt, we are entering the era of ubiquitous computing where computers are becoming smaller, more powerful, invisible and permanently networked. But in our factories the old traditions are still hold: a lot of paperwork, many cables and traditional interaction devices. But as modern ICT technologies are penetrating our homes and lives they will penetrate our factories in future as well. In 2004, a group of German companies and researchers met to discuss the impact of these technologies on future factories. As a result the idea of the smart factory was conceived and made reality. The factory built in 2006 is based on a real production setting in a downsized but representative factory environment. Such a large-scale, real-life production process is the perfect testbed for new methods, concepts and technologies in and for the industrial field. 

This presentation will adress the changes and challenges we are facing in our future factories and will deduce the technologies and design paradigms from the gathered experiences.  




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