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Awards & Recognitions
Qualcomm Innovation Awards 2016

Qualcomm Innovation Awards 2016

Sungsu Lim and Prof. Jaegil Lee has been awarded a Paper Competition Award at the 2016 Qualcomm Innovation Awards

* Title :  Motif-Based Embedding for Graph Clustering
* Author : Sungsu Lim, Jaegil Lee
* Awarded Date : 2016. 4. 7

The Qualcomm Innovation Award has started in 2010 to support the research of innovative science and engineering students

Excellence Award

Excellence Award

Juyoun Kim, Yoochan Kim, Sangkeun Park and Prof. Uichin Lee has been awarded at the HCI APP MARKET of 2016 Korea HCI conference. 
* Title :  SlideQuest: Supporting Effective Q&A in Off-line Academic Presentation
* Author :  Juyoun Kim, Yoochan Kim, Sangkeun Park and Uichin Lee
* Date :  2016. 1. 28

Korea HCI conference is one of the largest HCI(Human computer interaction) conferences in Korea. The conference academically researches in HCI theories and applications. 

Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award

Hancheol Park(Ph.d candidate) and Prof. Gahgene Gweon, Jeong Heo (ETRI) Has been awarded "Best-paper" at the third international conference of BigComp 2016 

* Title : Affix Modification-based Bilingual Pivoting Method for Paraphrase Extraction in Agglutinative Languages
* Authors : Hancheol Park, Gahgene Gweon, Jeong Heo
* Date : 2016. 1. 20.

Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award

Minseo Kang, Jaesung Kim, Prof. Jaegil Lee's paper has been awarded Best Paper Award at the 2015 Winter KCC

* Title :  A Comparative Analysis of Recursive Query Algorithm Implementations for Handling Big Data on High Performance Distributed In-Memory
* Authors : Minseo Kang, Jaesung Kim, Jaegil Lee 
* Date : 2015. 12. 18.

Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers is a prestigious academic institute for Computer Science in Korea 

Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award

Jin-woo Lee and Hwanjun Song (Advisor: Jae-Gil Lee) have been awarded a best paper award at the 2015 Korea Computer Congress hosted by the Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers.
The title of the paper was "A Study of Fast Image Retrieval Algorithm by Leveraging Distributed Image Feature Extraction on MapReduce".

Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers is the most historic and largest academic conference, Korea Computer Congress is the biggest academic conference in Korean Computer Science Academia

Microsoft Research 3rd Prize

Microsoft Research 3rd Prize

The research team with Uichin Lee, Woohyeok Choi, Jeungmin Oh, Joohyun Kim have won the 3rd prize for a Poster & Demo at Microsoft Research Korea Japan Academic Day 2015.
-  Title:  Swim Train: A Cooperative Exergame for Group Fitness Swimming

Microsoft Research is a research center for basic and applied research of computer science and other domains. They have conducted research with a number of institutions all over the world and Microsoft Research Korea Japan Academic Day is an event for japanese and korean researchers who are working with Microsoft innovation projects. 

Hackathon Grand Prize

Hackathon Grand Prize

PhD candidate Jeungmin Oh(Adv. Prof. Uichin Lee) has been awarded grand prize at the Building Industrial-strength APIs Hackathon held by the department of Computer Science, KAIST and sponsored by NAVER D2. 

Social Issue Solving Competition - Excellence Prize

Social Issue Solving Competition - Excel...

Jeungmin Oh, Daehoon Kim, Eunji Kim, Jieun Park (Adv. Prof. Uichin Lee, Jaegill Lee, Gahgene Gwon) has been awarded excellence prize at the 2015 2nd Social Issue Solving Idea Sketch Competition held by the Social Technology Innovation Center of KAIST

The title of the awarded solution is :  Bluetooth Beacon-based Bicycle Antitheft Infrastructure 

Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award

Phd candidates Hochang Kwon, Hyuktae Kwon (Advising Professor:Wanchul Yoon) has been awarded best paper at the 2015 Korea HCI conference. 

The title of the paper is "독자의 내러티브 이해를 반영한 지원 시스템 설계" (Supporting System design using the narrative understanding of the audience)

2014 BigData case competition `awarded Big-contest 2014`

2014 BigData case competition `awarded B...



Students of the Department of Knowledge Service Engineering has been awarded the KT convergence technology award at the Big-contest 2014, a big data case competition. 

Challenge League : Dongkyun Ko, Dahee Shin, Jinwoo Lee, Sungsu Lim, Myungsu Chae

Future League : Hyunyung Kim, Whanjun Song, Sangjun Yeh, Gangjae Yu(Computer Science)


Held by : Korea Big Data association, National Information Society Agency

Hosted by : KT, Bigdata forum

Big-Contest is a competition held by KT and Bigdata Forum. It is aimed to find and build experts who can solve and analyze real big-data problems. Especially aimed to provide solutions that can connect governmental and industry.